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buettner guitars

Currently I can not offer a complete and intuitive translation of my website. This is due to structural limitations of the website creation tool that I'm using ( I'm working on finding a solution.

For now I'll try to provide at least some information about my instruments on this subsite.

about me

In the workshop of Büttner Gitarren handcrafted guitars and basses are made.
Select one of my current models or be the creator for a new custom design.
To keep your Instruments ready to play I can offer most services or repairs.
My guitar making courses give an excellent view into the depths of luthiery.
Contact me and visit me in my workshop.



Every damage on your instrument can be repaired. I can offer different repair services and setup options to restore the perfect playability of your guitars, basses, mandolins, ukuleles or similar instruments.




guitar making courses

With my guitar making courses you get the opportunity to have a deep insight into the craftsmanship that is put into in your instruments. Design your own shapes, select your own woods and hardware, arrange it all and put it together in your very own custom made guitar.

From start to finish: Your Guitar!

on sale

Here you can find instruments that are still available.

To order one of those please contact me through my regular contact form.

I accept payment via SEPA and PayPal.